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11 Mar

EJPRM Letter - Fostering a uniform global name for the specialty of physicians working in rehabilitation

We hope that as a global community of physicians working in rehabilitation, we can have a collective and constructive debate on the name of the specialty and agree on a name that can be followed uniformly. This helps strengthen our collaborative international approach and make the specialty impactful to patients and attractive to physicians pursuing a career in the specialty.

11 Mar

EJPRM Editorial - A call for a single international name for the speciality and the specialist

We call for action the global PRM community to define and use: • a single international name for the speciality; • a simple, straightforward, usable name for the specialist working in the field.

13 May

Adv RSP Editorial: The INFORM (International Framework for Rehabilitation Medics) Project to Strengthen the Medical Specialty

INFORM is a Task Force of the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) to undertake a collaborative project that aims to unify and strengthen the medical specialty of physicians working in the field of rehabilitation.